The multi-chapter course is designed to show how to add and edit settings for your church management system as well as show how to set up and apply permissions for users and volunteer leaders

Settings: General, Terminology, and Services

General settings, terminology (change the name of fields), and third-party services that can be linked to ChMS.

Settings: Groups and Profile

Settings for Groups and for a Record Profile

Settings: Attendance, Interactions, Check-In, and Giving

General Settings on Attendance & Interactions. Basic info on Check-in (covered more in course on Attendance & Check-in) and Giving (more coverage in course on Giving)

Permissions: Global

General Permissions for those without a Permission Role and settings for Directory

Permissions: Roles

Setting and Editing Roles for specific groups of database users (staff and certain volunteers)

Permissions: Leader Roles

A specific permission role for leaders of groups to access or post info as designated on their specific group members 

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