The multi-chapter course is designed to show how to add and edit records, add them to groups, and search for those names to build simple reports and exports.

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November 01, 2020
The Individual Record - Overview

A look at the member profile and the information you can find there.

Add, Edit, and Merge Records

See how to add, update, and/or merge records for the database.

Searching - Simple, Advanced, Query

See how to search for names, addresses, groups and a wide array of other criteria using the simple, advanced, or query search tools.

The Group - Setup, Customize, Maintain

See how to create groups and to set up, customize, and keep track of groups and maintain this very valuable tool for collecting and classifying your database records. 

Group Aggregates and Views
Communications: Mail, Email, Text, and Phone

See how to use Mass Contact to connect with members via email, texts (SMS), or phone by using Groups and/or selection of individual records.


See how to run reports for individuals by month or date range (for example birthday lists, baptized, anniversaries, etc...)

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Shelby Systems
Total General Hours: 1.00
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